Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


Our Body Tells Us a Lot!

I hope you are practicing your breathing to help stay aware in the present moment even if it is only once a day. That is a great place to start and the more you do it, the greater the benefits you will experience.

Where In Your Body Do You Feel Each of Your 3 Slow Deep Breaths?
A very valuable source of information for your present moment awareness is your very own body. As you take each deep breath, notice any of the following:

  • Where do you feel your breath coming in? (e.g., nose, mouth, chest, belly)
  • Where do you feel your breath going out? (e.g., nose, mouth, chest, belly)
  • Are you breathing deep into your belly or more shallow in your chest?
    If your belly gets bigger when you breathe in, you are really breathing deep
  • Notice any place you feel tension or tightness (e.g., your neck, your hands, your stomach, wherever you are vulnerable). Just be aware of it and see if you find yourself relaxing in that place when you breathe in deeply without even thinking about it. Awareness is the goal, not worrying about releasing or doing anything.
    Just Be!

Did You Discover Any Places that Surprised You?
When you tune into the present moment and become more aware of your body, you might discover places you didn’t realize you were holding tightness or that you had some degree of discomfort or pain. These are important messages directing our attention to places, you may simply want to breathe specifically into the area. I discovered, there is a muscle in my buttocks on the right side that tightens up and is one of the last places I hold tension when trying to relax. When I realize that, I breathe deeply and can feel the muscle relax. No analysis, questioning “why?” just being curious about the awareness. Remember to “Be”

Expanding Body Awareness
As we continue to grow our breathing and awareness practices, there are many options for exploring our whole body. There are FREE progressive relaxation tapes on some of the websites and apps listed below. Often there are varied lengths of meditations from a couple of minutes, to 15 minutes, 30 minutes and even an hour or several hours while you sleep. The options are infinite. Play with a short tape that directs your breathing in coordination with different parts of your physical body.

Examples of Places to Explore on the Internet, Your Phone, & Other Devices:
The Mindful Movement Community
Insight Timer
Smiling Mind
Healthy Minds

Remember you are doing this for your own personal care. You are the most important person to take care of! Enjoy. Let me know how you are doing. – Cindy