Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


What Do You Get for 3 Cleansing Breaths?
Be sure you are taking in cleansing breaths whenever you think of it to help you stay in the present moment. You will automatically breathe whether you pay attention to it or not, but conscious awareness of breath makes a huge difference. Take care of yourself!

Create Present Moment Being with 3 Breaths
There are so many demands on our attention, time, and energy. Again, and again one of the most important lessons I keep on learning is how indispensable it is to practice, “Be Present in the Moment.”

Taking three deep slow intentional breaths can create the moment, anywhere, anytime. It is not always possible to remove all distractions in your immediate surroundings, however, you can always pull into yourself briefly.

You Might Take a Phone Break
The constant presence of our cell phones can seem to be an indispensable distraction, and they can also be vital for safety. BUT do you know when to turn off your phone or put it on silence or do not disturb or airplane mode even briefly? Those are also vital functions of your phone. You have full control of your attention, when you tune into your immediate personal experience grounded in your breath.

You can create a quiet moment, wherever you are, whenever you make the time. You may not always be comfortable creating time and space for yourself, but it is quite refreshing and rejuvenating. It can help you shift your attention and may serve to calm hidden stress of which you may not realize inside of you. It is the 3 focused breaths that are essential to making space in the present moment.

One Example of the Benefits
Present moment being happens with 3 conscious breaths to refresh your attention and thoughts. If you take a few more, even better. Before you know it, you will take control of your being. What an opportunity to encourage and take care of yourself. To be present for others, we must first be present to ourselves. You Deserve it!

Experience the magic that can happen when you bring yourself onto the present moment with 3 deep breaths!

Choose 3 to 4 different times during the day to tune into YOU!

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