Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


We all have lots of things “to do”, but when we are constantly “doing” something, we are missing some very important opportunities. We can always find something to do and some of us find ourselves lost when we don’t have something to do.

Think About This. . .
. . . What can happen if you try to “just be” by staying quiet, stepping back and becoming aware of the sensations of sights, sounds, smells, and feelings, (a.k.a Present Moment Awareness). When we can “just be” we open ourselves to infinite possibilities. This can require temporarily letting go from the “known” and/or “comfortable.” As I noted in my book,
“I have nothing to fear. On the other hand, entering the unknown is an incredible risk. I cannot deny the journey. It is powerful, it is strong, it transports me where I know not, but the more I release myself from the certainty of the past, the greater my chances to soar to heights I have never known.”
There can be wonderful openings to experience many things when you can “just be.”

Explore Opportunities for. . .
When we dive into the “unknown” of “being,” an amazing world of opportunities emerges. Intuition or knowing that we cannot explain can be uplifting and full of wonder. There are different possibilities for opening to this kind of space. Prayer, inspirational poetry or readings, meditation and contemplation can help set the scene to “just be.” Learning about the nuances, experiences, and ideas of various philosophical, religious, psychological, theological and wisdom traditions can shift our attention to what is taking place within.

Meditation as One Approach to “Being”
By now, hopefully you realize that I see many ideas as related to or part of meditation. Mindfulness practices, prayer and contemplation can all be enveloped in the notion of meditation. These practices start with focused breathing with the sole purpose of increased body awareness. It is vital to let thoughts and ideas pass by like clouds in the sky, without any effort to catch or capture them. A quieting of the mind and body brings us into “being.” If any thought or idea is important and needs our attention to do something, it will float by again later.

Taking Your “Being” Pulse
All that is required for this is your awareness of physical sensations and focused breathing. Notice if you are trying to solve a problem, make plans for something or whatever else that can demand your attention is present and let it go. One of the mysteries of mindfulness and meditation is that we can have experiences that we cannot describe in words and there may not be any “directions” for something specific to do. Observing the subtleties takes constant practice to help redirect our attention to the present moment. This process is about setting the scene for an unknown something to happen instead of thinking we need to “make something happen” (a.k.a. what to do).

A Little Experiment
Create a little time to experiment with “just being” using some of the ideas above or strategies you are already using. Notice the difference between “doing” and “just being”. This can apply to your home responsibilities, your work responsibilities, your organization responsibilities, but most important OF ALL, training yourself in the beauty of present moment awareness (a.k.a “Just Being”). Make the time to nurture this important part of the quality of your life.

Please share your thoughts and ideas with me!
Sending Encouragement, Blessings and Bliss! Cindy