Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


Reader reviews for

Spirit Rising

My Winding, Tumultuous Odyssey with Depression


Spirit Rising is an exquisitely touching insider account of living with and through depression. Dr. Hoard’s memoir blends her viewpoints as an “ordinary extraordinary” woman and gifted psychologist. Stirring in its wholehearted openness, this book is full of hope and uplifting insights that sing. Her roadmap through the dark depths shimmers with evocative imagery. She portrays her soul-deep struggle, the lifeline of mindfulness and her expanding spiritual connection that transcends all boundaries of religion. Many a reader will hang onto her passages and phrases, to carry them around… for themselves or for people they love.”
— Dr. Beth O.

“A new, profound, and authentic voice just expanded our understanding of what it means to live with severe, often debilitating depression. Through sharing the depths of her fierce and stormy journey, her triumphs, and her paths to Spirit, Dr. Hoard’s wisdom seems to seamlessly rise to the surface. Most of us will discover something in her story that speaks to us or someone we know.”
— Dr. Jeanie T.

“Brilliant writing! I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
— Jan K.

“You have written powerfully. The writing is clear and paints pictures. I love this portion. “
— Marilyn R.

“Your Spirit Journey is such a raw and deeply personal account of your innermost thoughts, feelings and your life.”
— Lisa F..