Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


As I remind my readers, I do not have any easy answers about dealing with major depressive disorders.  Perhaps one of the most important keys to my own soul healing has been the commitment to daily practices.  Spirit Rising provides examples of strategies such as mindfulness meditation, exploring creativity, and considerations for self-care and self-esteem are available.


Set Your Own Time for Self-Care

Self-care takes on many forms, from healthy eating, exercise, adequate sleep, and overall attention to your personal health.  Certainly you know of these pieces.  One way to check on yourself is to take a few minutes and consider how you are spending your daily time with a pizza picture that divides up the different pieces.  Figure out the pieces most important to your overall wellness and then think about approximately how much time you are spending in each area.  You can decide if you want to just focus on your overall self-care activities or whether you want to include areas such as your hobbies, work and other responsibilities.


Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation, mindfulness, prayer and whatever time you make for personal contemplation are means of attending to self-care and self-esteem.  In Spirit Rising you will find discussion of some different approaches, examples of resources for exploring them and stories of times when and how these practices have made a difference.  There are no correct or incorrect ways to practice, nor set amounts of time or habits required, or even a need to keep score of your frequency of rituals or routines.   Even one to five minutes can make a difference in your anxiety and stress reduction.


Have Some Fun

What do you do for fun?  Do you have a hobby, a favorite activity, something you love to do with your kids or close friends?  Are there experiences you are craving and doubt you can have?  Do you find yourself envious of the creativity and production of those close to you?  These are all opportunities to explore, expand and develop your creativity.  My own mother repeatedly told my sisters and I and the many teachers she trained and worked with over the years that EVERYONE has creativity of some kind!  Stop out. Try something you have always wanted to do but doubted your ability.  Get messy.

Make time for yourself!  Dr. Cindy