Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


With our greater world in mind, it might not seem possible to make a difference on that level. However, the steps you have been taking this month are exactly ways you can impact the greater world! You may have heard the comment that, “if you want to make a difference in the world, start with just one person.” This idea is repeated in many different ways by a wide range of writers. The “start with just one person” part is key.

Mother Teresa made a wonderful comment that paints a beautiful picture:
“I alone can’t change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Start with Yourself
When you consider gratitude on a larger scale, your expressions including yourself are essential. You must begin by giving gratitude for your life and the many influences and gifts you have given and received. We know that if you cannot appreciate gratitude in your own life, you are must less effective in communicating gratitude to other people. Hmm. . . “Self-Care?” Does that sound familiar? Your personal reflections can also increase your awareness of the multitude of ideas, people and experiences in life that can make a huge difference!

Reaching Out to Others
Yes, I am repeating myself, but we call benefit from reminders sometimes. Verbalizing gratitude to others enhances your endorphins as well as those of the other person. This simple act turns attention to positive things that take place in everyday life, which hopefully outweighs our inborn tendency to focus on negative ideas and situations. You have no way of knowing how even a simple smile to a stranger can make a difference that you may not even realize.

What “Ripples” of Gratitude Are You Sending Out to Creation?
Gratitude for people and “things” are often our focus and they can make a difference. But think about some other things about life and nature that your expressed thankfulness can nurture. These broader thoughts and actions open endless opportunities to declare appreciation. It does not have to be with another person, it can be a prayer, speaking specific gratitude to the greater universe or an action like taking care of even simple care for the environment our planet.

As you reflect on the various potential images of gratitude from personal to the greater world, celebrate the richness of appreciation of gratitude. While we ideally develop a personal practice, be it written or in thought, we are reminded of the abundance of people, experiences, and things for which we are thankful.

Wishing you the best and I am eager to hear from you and your personal gratitude journey.