Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


During the holiday season, giving gifts is often uppermost in our minds. But what if you don’t have the money to give material gifts? There are endless options of ways to “give” to others. Ultimately it is the thought that makes a difference even more so than an actual item.

Sharing Gratitude and More
Expressions of gratitude are a winner no matter the time of year. When we hold ourselves in a positive light, we are more available to share uplifting emotions and experiences that delight those we care about. Think about a recent encounter in nature and the renewal and energy you gained from a free experience. Consider activities that bring joy such as crafts and expressions of creativity. Reflect on a time when you experienced unexpected joy. Any of these possibilities can inspire positive emotions that you can share. These actions not only bring positive emotions to others, but also boost our personal energy and feelings.

What if Presents Were about “Presence” with Others?
While there is often focus on “something to play with” or an item of personal care, these are things that have limited benefits. You are likely to find much longer and deeper benefits from sharing your “Presence” with others. It does not have to cost a bunch of money! A phone call. A personal card or note (OK that has some cost). A surprise drop-in visit. Personal touches like these are gifts the person you care about will always be able to remember. They can create an image that serves as a visual reminder of the sentiments you express.

Gathering with Family and Friends
When you keep the idea of “Presence” in the forefront of your planning, you may experience unexpected exhilaration. There are so many opportunities whether it be a company party, a family get together, an impromptu drop by, a surprise meet-up or a planned visit. These don’t have to be events that last hours, just a brief contact can create delight, inspiration, and warm feelings. Even a smile at a total stranger can uplift the other person and definitely increase your happiness.

Giving can take on so many different forms. Take a few moments to reflect on gifts from the heart, mind and soul that don’t have to cost you any money. The delight you bring to others is in a sense priceless. Don’t miss such a positive opportunity!

Much Gratefulness and Many Blessings Coming Your Way! – Cindy