Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


The themes of renewal, rebirth, and blossoming all come to mind when I think of “Spring”. This year I propose that we each make time for stepping back from the craziness of life and claim time for ourselves. Make time for an opportunity to engage in self-compassion and at least for a few moments focus on “what is going right” in our life.

Self-compassion is Vital for Our Quality of Life
We can aways create space for a few moments of self-compassion. This can take many different forms including anything from a quiet walk in nature to thoughtfully journaling about what is currently on our mind. Self-compassion is not only beneficial but is essential for personal well-being and refreshing ourselves on a regular basis.

Mindful Moments ARE Available at Any Time or Anywhere
Perhaps in what seem like the most stressful of situations or times, we give ourselves self-compassion when we pause, reflect and are simply present in the moment. There is no monetary cost to engage in self-compassion. Stressing out and self-compassion are incompatible, and we can choose self-care. In fact, we can drown out stressful feelings when we focus on the positive aspects of our own feelings, physical sensations, thoughts and spirituality.

Being over Doing is Always an Option
Choosing to indulge in being can open our heart and soul to renewal and connect us to peacefulness and rejuvenation. We might simply observe nature or interactions among others and experience hope. One of the invading things that can disrupt this process is our thoughts, which can throw us into “doing mode” and leave behind the positive experience of just being. If we remind ourselves of the idea of “mind like sky” we can let the barrage of thoughts, positive and negative, pass like clouds in the sky.

Practice Self-compassion and Awareness to Boost Our Well-being
Sometimes it seems easier to think about and take care of others. Self-compassion can seem difficult or feel selfish. Yet it is precisely practices of self-compassion, that can extend our energies, increase our openness and nurture our personal heart and soul. Make time to pause and draw your attention to self-care, even if only for a few moments.

Think about this: “Every morning is Easter morning from now on.” We can greet each day with renewal, hope and awareness of what is blossoming for us TODAY!