Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


Bringing Religion & Spirituality Together

Many try to separate religion and spirituality as divergent but now believe they are integrally intertwined. Many elements come together to create a gentle safety net. Here are a few of my pieces.


Exposure to formal religion carries lessons that create a foundation for the development of faith. Mine was in the Methodist church where my parents exposed us and encouraged us to attend, but never pressured involvement. I learned a lot! This created a starting place for me in my own spiritual evolution.

Meditation, Mindfulness & Prayer

Stilling myself has been vital over and over again. Prayer was introduced to me as a child, but as I experienced and learned more, I discovered meditation as an extension of prayer and mindfulness expanded my reflection time.  Awareness of my breath provides an ever-present focus that can completely distract me from the storm of thoughts always present.

Exploring Different Faiths, Religious Beliefs and Practices

The richness of this part of my life expanded and evolved with exposure to Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Jainism, Native Ceremonies and rituals to name a few. These explorations taught me the multitude of manners in which I could experience and gain insights into life.

Ask Yourself?

What are the pieces of experiences and ideas that come together to create your spiritual life? What is a simple practice you could begin for a couple of minutes a day to help yourself be still for even a couple of minutes?

Enrich your life and take care of yourself – it will let you be more available to others!

You deserve it lf!  Dr. Cindy