Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


Spirit Rising

My Winding, Tumultuous Odyssey with Depression

Spirit Rising: My Winding, Tumultuous Odyssey with Depression is a memoir by Cindy Hoard blended with self-help; lived experience, treatments of depression, and the evolution of personal Spiritual life in the process.


About Cindy

Cindy Hoard is a student and patient of treatment-resistant depression. She has undergone a wide range of treatments, therapies and activities to help herself over many years. As a consumer of many sources of information, research and modalities she has been an active participant in her own care. Over 40 years she documented her journey, expressed her reactions to lived experiences and kept a history of her progress in journals.

“Depression has taught me endless lessons, especially patience; unleashed boundless creativity; and brought me into a deeper relationship with my Soul and God.”

— Cindy Hoard