Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


Right now (aka Staying Present in the Moment) as we take each of our 3 slow deep breaths, listen to something you hear. Is what you hear inside of you or outside of you?

Our hearing is an amazing source of sensations coming in through our ears. It does not matter whether we have good or bad hearing, when we listen it can be surprising what we might hear. We are used to “listening” to what other people say, which takes place outside of our body. There are many sounds surrounding us all the time. With each breath, you may note something different or just a different aspect of even one sound. The loudness. The pleasantness or unpleasantness. Any information or a message coming from the sound. Something we didn’t notice about the sound or where it came from before. These are examples of awareness we may have of the quality BUT these are NOT things to think about. Just notice.

Awareness vs. Thinking About
Awareness is briefly about what is happening in the present moment. It can be a literal physical perception or sensation or maybe it tickles a thought. Notice I said, “Tickle a thought” not dive into deep reflection or analysis of a thought. It might be a fleeting observation. May we just notice something that we want to take a closer look at, reflect on, journal about, or express in some form of art. Awareness might be a reminder of someone or something that we may not understand but piques our curiosity.

What is Coming from Inside of Us Physically?
We might focus each of our 3 breaths on what we hear from inside of our body. Where is that gurgling sound coming from? Is my breath quiet or noisy in some way? Is our stomach growling because we are hungry? Uh oh, my bladder is speaking to me, better take care of that. Does my breath sound different when I inhale from when I exhale? That’s interesting. It could just be any one of these things that captures our awareness.

Is There a Message Coming from Our Heart or Soul or Mind?
With each breath we may be aware of messages that we might otherwise miss. It is important to be aware of the message but not to become bogged down with trying to remember the message, attempt to analyze it or add it to our “to do” list. Important messages will always come back to us at a time we can listen deeper and/or take some time to really reflect. The quiet we create when we focus on our deep cleansing breath can open many options to explore later. Hmmm… Am I taking care of myself? Is there someone I want to send compassion to? Maybe there is something I really want to do just for me, but I keep putting it off!

Wow the present moment can be so rich beyond what we might have even imagined. Embrace, indulge, enjoy, and cherish those present moments and notice what happens after those few cleansing breaths.

Intentional breathing practice can be a rich time, but perhaps most of all it brings our attention and focus to RIGHT NOW! It can momentarily interrupt our busy or racing mind. Remember we are talking about attention and awareness, not analysis.

What does your breath tell you what to listen to? – Cindy