Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


Spirit Rising has literally been an unfolding of my life in a way I don’t think I had imagined.  There were so many parts to the process and only with writing over time, did I realize the multiple topics I had to weave together.  It is difficult to rank order the pieces, as each took a different role at a different time in my life.


Treatment-resistant depression is certainly an overarching theme, with twists and turns over the course of time.  Major depressive disorder treatments abound and there is so much to consider.   I have the opportunity to share some of my experiences which may shed light on possibilities for treatment.  Deep brain stimulation for depression was a particular hallmark treatment, a choice made with much deliberation and consideration.  Ultimately, self-care became my priority and was essential for my overall self-esteem.


A quite misunderstood aspect of self-compassion and self-care is the actual need for solitude time.  While potentially viewed as isolation, times of solitude have been vital for me to come up for air from all I was facing.  The Dark Night of the Soul (DNS) is just one example of an experience of solitude that was vital to my personal and spiritual growth.  DNS requires self-indulgence and reflection for periods of time.

Spiritual Healing

An endless thread running through Spirit Rising is that of spiritual healing.  Many practices have contributed to this eternal process which have contributed to hope and inspiration.  Mindfulness meditation has created safe space for reflection and regrouping.  Another key lesson has been the idea of letting go of ideas, perceived needs, unsubstantiated beliefs and “have-tos”.  Learning to let go has reduced my self-imposed anxiety and unrealistic personal expectations.

Don’t miss out on deep, sincere sharing of amazing times in my life, that might even tickle an idea for you or someone you love!

You ARE in charge of YOUR life.  Take the reins.  Take 3 cleansing breaths at least 3 times a day.

See you soon.  Dr. Cindy