Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


The integration and transformation of my spiritual life is an ever-evolving process. I have been fortunate enough to “know” on some level that my faith is always present despite my periodic experiences of feeling abandoned. So sometimes it is reviving or re-energizing my personal spirituality.

Experiences in daily life are often a catalyst for inspiration and growth. This requires stepping out of my comfort zone sometimes to expand my frame of reference on my experiences.

02.22.2017: Open my eyes wide to “healing.” Think about small gifts when I look at “renewal.” Regain something—but maybe that is not to return to a previous state or place, or regain something I viewed as “lost” or is even “gone.” p. 217

At times, the source of inspiration was not readily apparent, only when I took the initiative to reflect did I find the hidden jewel. In addition, I found the fewer expectations I had of “something happening” the more open I was to discoveries.

I walked a tightrope of faith between what I thought “I must do” and what I expected of God. My “doing” evolved over time and includes being open through meditation, prayer, journaling, and celebrating the tiniest of wonders on any given day.

Reflect on what seemed like a tiny gift or experience and the treasures that emerged from that.

There are many gems as long as we keep our hearts and minds open to whatever may come!