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The Rollercoaster Ride of Depression #6
Over the course of my life, I have felt like I was on a rollercoaster ride and honestly experienced incredibly high positive moments as well as the sometimes suicidal depths of despair. Without these contrasts, I might not have fully appreciated the importance and value of both ends of the continuum.

What Defines High Positive Moments?
These can be so many different experiences. They can be literally physically exuberating feelings of elation, a feeling of spiritual connection with something greater than oneself, and include profound enlightened pinnacles in life. They can take place in solitude, meditation, journaling, reflection or in a large group of people. While these may often be fleeting moments, they can also be reprieves of several days. What have been moments like these in your life?

What are the Signs of the Suicidal Depths of Despair?
There are some obvious signs to others like isolating oneself, not eating, increase in addictive behaviors, not sleeping well, and generally feeling ill with lots more symptoms observed by others and defined in the medical/scientific literature. But there are also gobs of physical, emotional and spiritual experiences and thoughts that are not evident to others. Hopelessness, helplessness, severe physical immobilization, shame, reclusiveness, alienation, emptiness, a sense of imprisonment, and confusion, tipping the scales toward the desperation of suicidal tendencies, yet not necessarily apparent. What defines times of desperation in your life?

I am living proof these experiences can have meaning in the bigger picture of life. They can be filled with insights, inspiration and lessons. But, both ends of the continuum provide a reference to extremes of life that I have found enriching and sometimes necessary.

Reflect on the highs and lows of your own life and look for the gems in each of them.

A brief moment can transport me to a healthier state of mind.
What can you learn through your personal reflection?
Dr. Cindy

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