Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


A “Patience Pause” Can Let in the Light of Spirit
Patience is a never-ending pulse I have to keep on myself for many different reasons. While I devote a chapter to Patience, I wanted to highlight the impact of patience on my Spirit.

Key to much that I have learned along this journey has been my ability to wait patiently. This brings me back to the precious present moment. I always wanted change to happen faster on my timeline, which was often unrealistic. By contrast, when I was really able to let go of the urgency I was experiencing, I usually found at least a few moments of peacefulness.

One reflection I share in my book on page 62 is the following:
“Patience is a candle I need to light within. It needs to be an enduring quality that is never snuffed out. I may be looking at months without any guidance, but hopefully that means good things are germinating to be revealed.”

I was not always successful holding on to this very important insight, but I clearly carried it out multiple times. Sometimes it just meant stepping back, breathing deeply and dwelling in patience. Other times it was the key that unlocked frustration, self-flagellation and many other forms of self-sabotage to move me in a healthier direction.

The life preserver of patience repeatedly brought me back and reminded me, Spirit is always available even though I may not “feel” it. Over time, I realized “God is Within me.” These were not something I planned for, rather it was always completely unexpected. One example, was when I was on a personal retreat and had an encounter with a tree. I literally bared my breasts and hugged the tree. A bolt of lightning, on a perfectly clear day, struck the tree, came through my body, and briefly lifted me off my feet into the air. I was consumed with wisdom, resolve, warmth, and vitality. The message to me was a clear sign of healing to come, with hope for the future. I cannot ignore or deny such experiences. By giving myself the gift of time and space I could optimize “being present in the moment.”

So there are many elements to practicing such patience, yet over and over again I felt the presence of Spirit more frequently and was reminded “God is Within me.” Some keys of practice include: mindfulness, meditation, prayer, journaling, breathing, reflection and heaps of patience. They all overlap and each practice helps intensify the others.