Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


I am certain that being able to bring myself into the present moment awareness has made a significant difference in my life. As I note in my book,

“I integrated ideas from various religious traditions, “New Age” exploration and practices imported from Eastern thought and adapted for use in Western culture. Ultimately, the application came together to provide an infinite cocoon of safety, reflection, calm, insight, renewal and sense of peacefulness. There is always something new to realize, explore and appreciate.” (p. 64)

The Evolution of Present Moment Being
Once again, this is a process that continues to morph in various ways, expand and contract, flourish and hide, and provide unexpected insights and experiences. Staying present in the moment is not necessarily “mastered”, rather it continues to grow in depth and meaning, and can shine light on very important awareness. This practice does not have to consume huge amounts of time and in fact persistence with even brief focused breaths can build the foundation for a broader and richer practice.

Tuning Into the Present Moment
Explore ways that you may already be bringing yourself into the here and now. You might become more aware during prayer, meditation, being in nature, reading something inspirational, yoga practice, being with a loved one or pet, or during other daily activities. These may also be times when you find yourself experiencing or “knowing” something that you cannot explain. Some might call that intuition which can literally happen in the blink of an eye. Trust your awareness and be open to whatever happens. Making the time for such brief excursions may take you places you never imagined.

Staying Curious
Sometimes we may feel threatened by the “unknown” and yet whole new worlds can emerge. Exploration of the present moment can be exciting, refreshing and invigorating. There are occasions where the present moment can allow us to escape to a cocoon of safety and quiet allowing us to regroup and rejuvenate. By remaining curious about what we experience, we are more likely to be open to greater opportunities and ideas. We might even gain important insights about our quandaries. The possibilities are infinite, time is limitless and commitments to our own wellness and learning are eternal.

Where will you create a space for your own cocoon for present moment awareness?
Happy creating! What works for you? Cindy

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