Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


It is so easy to try to drop our awareness into the present moment, especially by focusing on the information coming in through our senses with our breath.

Take a few moments and breathe into awareness of your senses in the present moment. This is a very basic approach to draw our attention to our core beliefs, goals and commitments to our overall well-being. This focus is vital to homing in on self-care and getting a sense of how we are feeling in the present moment. Focusing on breathing is called a variety of different things (e.g., mindfulness breathing, sitting practice, or breath-awareness practice). When was your most recent venture into a focus on breathing? What do you notice when you even take 3 slow deep refreshing breaths? Notice how all five of your senses are heightened with conscious breathing.

What about my wandering mind?
One significant benefit of present moment breathing is redirecting your attention. Our minds are full of thoughts, to-do lists, wishful thinking, daydreaming, and so on. It is a very basic nature of our mind to wander. But when engaged in mindfulness awareness we can innocently redirect our attention back to ourselves. It is highly likely that ANYTHING that goes through our mind will visit us again at a later time. Hopefully the breathing distracts us and encourages any thoughts to float through like clouds in the sky.

Zoning in on our immediate present moment feeds our souls.
Developing self-discipline to build in a breathing practice for even 5 minutes a day, can accomplish many things. We can take our pulse on our level of physical stress. Being in touch with sensations in the body can inform us about more subtle aspects of self-care, such as our fatigue, feeling vim and vigor or lethargy, places of tightness to attend to, and so many qualities of our sensations we may not be aware of otherwise. It may not be evident, but we are also feeding our soul and attention to JUST BEING!

Some simple self-assessment of awareness helps us remember to tune into our BEING. Self-care is a gift only WE can do for our own well-being. Indulge. Enjoy. Refresh. Renew. Take care of YOU!!

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