Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


You can choose to literally spend a few moments daily to enrich your quality of life.
Mindfulness has been around for a very long time! It is described across many categories with its origins in Zen Buddhism. BUT in present times, the focus of mindfulness is related to reducing stress, improving mental health and personal growth. Refreshing your body and mind into the present moment with awareness of your thoughts and sensations, is a very healthy habit.

Mindfulness Moments are Quick and Easy
This healing practice can help reduce stress, and only takes a few moments amidst your busy daily life. Breathe into the scent of lavender oil and feel the relaxation spread through your body. Eating can always be a time to practice mindfulness, as you actually sit down to eat, where you can breathe in and relax and focus on each bite you take of your food. Chew one food at least 20 times and notice sensations and the feelings of the experience.

Daily Awareness of ALL of your Senses
Remember mindfulness is about awareness of your thoughts, sensations, feelings and surroundings. To zoom in on your senses try this, focus on:
5 – Things you can see
4 – Things you can feel
3 – Things you can hear
2 – Things you can smell
1 – Thing you can taste
You want to be spontaneous and just note these things without analyzing, evaluating, or thinking about them. Awareness is paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, without any judgment.

Be Playful and Have Some Fun
As grown-ups we can lose touch with the playful inner child, who is always there, especially if we pay attention. How about an adult coloring book, as a focus of your awareness in a creative manner? Doodling can be healing, and you never know what you might end up creating. Maybe even play a childhood game like Candy Land or Go Fish which can provide playful foci. And DO NOT forget to get out the bubbles and have fun practicing your breathing. How many bubbles can you create in one breath? What happens if you slow your breath down when blowing through the wand?

Just Notice for One Minute
For as little as one minute, tune into all of the movements, sensations and thoughts as you go and open a door to another location. It is putting a magnifying glass into everyday actions, tasks and chores for just one minute to increase your awareness of that particular activity. It can increase your awareness of the amazing complexity of what seems like such a simple activity. Seen through the lens of mindfulness, you are more likely to appreciate simple things in life which can also be a source of gratitude to note.

Commit to at least one minute of mindfulness a day and notice the difference in how you feel. More relaxed? More anxious? Burdened? Just another thing “to do”? Calmer? Happier?
You owe it to yourself to capture and appreciate simple moments of awareness.

What works for you? Cindy

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