Cindy Hoard

Inspirational Author and Psychologist


Spirit Rising

My Winding, Tumultuous Odyssey with Depression

Spirit Rising: My Winding Tumultuous Odyssey with Depression is a memoir by Cindy Hoard blended with self-help; lived experience, treatments of depression, and the evolution of personal Spiritual life in the process. There is a unique integration of her professional knowledge as a psychologist; and her personal insight and involvement with depression. The two sources inform and impact each other.

Spirit Rising will let you travel with her as she manages ongoing challenges including earning her doctoral degree, treatment for endometriosis, breast cancer and caregiving, with the ever-present undertow of treatment-resistant depression. Expansion of her knowledge base and daily survival with depression provides an inspirational saga with highs, lows and intermittent hope.

Each reader will have a unique trip on this journey with benefits for patients, family members dealing with depression, physicians, friends, professional therapists, spiritual directors, professors and anyone curious about the multiple issues, insights and approaches to the adventure with treatment-resistant depression.